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Included In The Turnaround Program
(Digital and USB versions)

*The 10-Session Turnaround Audio Adventure Program for Kids
*The 72 page Turnaround Journal
*The 90-minute Parent Guide
*The Chill Kit
*Med FAQs - a 90-minute discussion with multiple doctors

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Take our Anxiety test to select the level of the anxiety/distress your child is currently experiencing. When you finish you will get feedback that could help you decide if your child’s symptoms are within a normal range or suggestive of an anxiety problem requiring treatment.

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Emetophobia Supplement

NEW Emetophobia Supplement

Emetophobia is the fear of getting sick and vomiting. It’s a very common fear that can lead to school refusal, worry with germs, restricted food intake, and many other anxious symptoms. If this is your child’s fear, then this resource is what your child needs!

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  • Avoid Medication
  • For Use at Home
  • Guaranteed Money Back
  • 10 Day Program
  • Mobile App now Available
  • Award Winning

With thousands of anxious children helped worldwide, we're more than confident that the award winning Turnaround anxiety program can help your child overcome his or her anxiety. The Turnaround anxiety program is professionally developed, very kid friendly, and proven effective (through independent research) in helping children overcome their anxious fears.

We created Turnaround to fill a huge need for children with anxiety. Turnaround is unlike anything you would imagine as a therapeutic tool. It is wildly creative yet a clinically sound step-by-step treatment program. Compared to other options, Turnaround is practical, affordable and proven effective. If your child is refusing or resisting school, experiencing anxiety and panic attacks, worrying constantly, afraid of getting sick (emetophobia), needing frequent reassurance, displaying OCD symptoms, avoiding social situations, or experiencing other types of anxious behavior then Turnaround can help.

Turnaround Anxiety Mobile Program

Turnaround Now Offers a Mobile App

Our mobile based platform provides access to Turnaround's child anxiety program.

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Turnaround Anxiety Mobile Program

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Thousands of Anxious Children Helped Worldwide

"I recently watched the Great Course, “Cognitive Behavioral Therapy,” by Dr. Satterfield. I just marvel that what took this professor 24 super long lectures to talk about you put it into 10 easy lessons for kids." – Sara, Mother
"One anxious boy I treated wouldn't even get out of the car to come in and talk to me on our first visit, and walked in effortlessly after two weeks on the program." – Matthew Swenson, MD
"I completed the program with my 9 year old just before she completed grade 3. Over this summer, I have seen remarkable changes in her levels of anxiety." – Michelle, Mother is for information only and NOT a substitute for professional diagnosis or treatment.