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  • Thank You So Much – It Works
    / 5 stars

    Our 8 year old daughter developed OCD and anxiety disorder during 2nd grade. We ended up pulling her out of school early and our whole family was in upheaval as we grappled to get a diagnosis and treatment. We eventually set appointments for CBT and Psychology but couldn’t get scheduled for two months. It was taking two hours to get our daughter to bed due to her complex routine. Every activity in our day was affected by OCD and it was awful. In desperation I looked for something that would help us at home while we waited for therapy to begin so I ordered turnaroundanxiety. My daughter steadfastly refused to listen to the program so I ended up bribing her! I promised her a treat each time she listened to a section. That did the trick and she immediately listened to the first one. I was surprised how engaged she was with an audio program versus a video. I think its very thoughtful how the program is designed with different voices, the doctors and the journey. The background sounds etc. are well-produced to take you on the journey. If your child is young, like mine, I think its important to listen together so you can use some of the language throughout the week and help with the journal activities. The journal activities are really excellent. I will say that the journal activities result in some hardcore and difficult conversations because they are helping your child combat their fear. We decided, as parents that mom is better suited to working through the journal. So, I’d suggest you think about which parent is better about conversing with your child about their fear.
    We are only on #4 because I’ve limited her to one or two a week so she can process and put into action the knowledge. I cannot believe the results. Last night, my daughter was able to get into bed and we actually read a book together like we used to do before OCD took over. I know parents who are dealing with complex rituals and anxiety will understand the magnitude of this.
    The other thing we’ve done is to cancel all summer activities: camp, lesson etc. We decided to let her just be a kid and have the time and space to combat “Mr. Bossy” (name for her OCD) and anxiety. I was really worried about having an unscheduled summer but it has turned out to be a very positive decision. Our daughter is riding her bike (after we gave up on trying to get the helmet on), playing with her dolls and basically being a kid. Her anxiety is much, much lower giving her the cognitive ability to actively fight Mr. Bossy. It feels like she is doing this on her own and we are providing limited guidance. This results in her feeling happy and prideful when she is successful.

    In short, this program is working. I can’t thank you enough. We’ll let you know what happens once we finish all the modules. I highly recommend this to parents.

    Turnaround Anxiety
  • Wonderful resource!
    / 5 stars

    Our 9 year old twin daughters have been struggling with anxiety for a while which got to a point where one of them couldn’t go to sleep at night. We had tried a number of books and programs which help explain what anxiety is and how to deal with it. Even though these had been useful, Turnaround Anxiety, is probably the best program we have used. We found that the explanation of the science behind anxiety was very well explained in Turnaround Anxiety, in a way that children can understand. We also really liked that Turnaround Anxiety is realistic in how difficult it can be to take steps to turn around anxiety. It tells the children that it won’t be easy, but that they can do it.

    The ‘steps of exposure’ that are explained and used in the emetophobia supplement are brilliant. It is the first practical help that we could find for exposure for emetophobia and other anxieties.

    The ‘chill kit’ is the best thing ever. These are recordings which help the children relax with deep breathing and muscle relaxation. We have these on a tablet, next to the girls bed and they use it every night to go to sleep. If they wake up during the night in a state of panic we also use these.

    We still have a way to go with dealing with the anxiety, but we have come a long way, for which we thank the Lord! The 10 day program isn’t an instant cure, as the steps taught in the program can take weeks or months to teach/apply, but progress can be seen on the way.

    The absolute best thing about this program is that the Dr’s Chris and David willingly communicate with you and help you through, when you have questions. Having someone to ‘talk’ to, who understands what you are dealing with and can give specific advice, has been the most valuable for us as parents!! Thank you Dr Chris and Dr David!

    Turnaround Anxiety
    / 5 stars

    My 8 year old daughter is currently going through the program. We love the information and both my kids use the chill CDs every night. It has given us a common way to talk about the fears/worries and has listening to other children’s stories on the CD has also normalized some of her fears and reduced the shame she felt. Thank you!

    Turnaround Anxiety
  • The Turnaround Program has helped my Daughter more than I could have ever imagined
    / 5 stars

    My Daughter, Hollie, had been suffering Anxiety and Panic Attacks for seven months. We had tried many methods including a Psychologist to get to the source and to beat her anxiety however nothing worked. I was told about the Turnaround Program and didn’t hesitate to give it a go as nothing else had worked.
    We have taken almost four weeks to complete the program and over the four weeks I have noticed such massive changes in Hollie. I have also made massive changes myself. I used to just get angry at her because I didn’t understand but now I understand so much more. Hollie has gone from not wanting to go to school at all to now going everyday without argument. I still have to walk her into school each day but she has been progressing with this and I now can leave almost straight away. She has made so many other changes also and is continuing to beat her fears everyday. She has been using the turnaround strategies without even realising at time.
    I can’t speak highly enough of this program and would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone.

    Turnaround Anxiety
  • Turnaround in Canada
    / 5 stars

    Our 10 year old son started having anxiety related to having nausea secondary to a dairy intolerance. In the past he was able to manage his anxiety fairly well with just parental support however this past Fall his anxiety sky-rocketed due to several other life circumstances and factors. We sought support from a therapist who introduced us to the Turnaround program as part of his therapy program with her. This program has been invaluable in teaching all of us about anxiety and how to learn to turn it around by facing the fears and understanding how wacky thoughts and Crank affect the body. He is not completely free of anxiety yet but working hard on getting there! This program has been a Godsend and we are so thankful that we were introduced to it because it has given us such hope!

    Turnaround Anxiety
  • We were at our wits end
    / 5 stars

    November 2016: On behalf of my daughter and I, I want to say “thank you” for creating Turnaround! We were at our wits end and praying for little M, who was freaking out, having nightmares, seeing ghosts, not sleeping, screaming and then belittling herself! I knew that she desperately needed help so we prayed and asked God what to do.

    That’s when I came across your program. I knew right away that we needed to get your materials!

    I was sharing with some friends yesterday and thanking God that M is completely a new little girl!!!! My daughter and I started going through your materials and, oh my goodness, the change is soooo dramatic! She’s like a new child! She’s full of self-esteem, laughs a lot and sleeps really well now!


    Update: Here we are in February 2017 and she is still so changed!
    She laughs, jokes and smiles! It’s such a blessing to witness such a transformation!

    Turnaround Anxiety
  • Incredibly Helpful Resource
    / 5 stars

    I came across the Turnaround program online recently while searching for resources related to school refusal resulting from fear of throwing up. My daughter, now 11, has struggled with school refusal stemming from anxiety since she was 8. We had tried many things – two therapists, different books, and various calming remedies (homeopathic/herbal). Things would get better, but then they would get worse again. Her last two years in elementary school were made easier by understanding and accommodating teachers, so her symptoms eased somewhat. However, starting middle school brought back the anxiety big time. It actually took a long time to trace the anxiety to emetophobia – fear of throwing up – and was completely missed by both therapists we consulted with (neither were cognitive behavioral therapists). My daughter’s anxiety was so disconnected from her usual personality – outgoing and kind of fearless – that it made it even more confusing and difficult to figure out.

    When I came across Turnaround, I was getting desperate to find something that would help her. She had been having daily, exhausting struggles before school and, once at school, had been leaving class to go to the nurse often and her teachers were concerned. I purchased the digital Turnaround program and the emetophobia supplement. After some resistance to beginning the program (and complaining after the first episode that it was “cheesy”) she quickly came around and would ask to complete the later sessions and diligently worked in the journal. She has now completed the Turnaround program once through and we are beginning to work with her on the supplement. Even at this early stage, I can say that Turnaround has truly been life changing for her. After only a few of the episodes, she completely calmed down and has been almost like a different person, or, more accurately, like her real self but mostly free from the anxiety that has surrounded her these last few years.

    We realized as a family that we have been accommodating her fears because the outbursts and avoidance were so difficult to deal with and that we had to help her to face her fears. My husband and I were actually in awe of her transformation back to her spunky self. Her teachers have noticed the change too. One cool moment towards the end of the program was when we asked her casually if she had been to the nurse recently and she replied, “No – and you don’t have to ask me that anymore.” She does the chill tracks every night still and we plan to have her complete the program again and will continue with the supplement, but the change is already marked. She still has moments of struggle – leaving the house each morning and going to school is still a tricky moment for her, but now she stops and thinks and often talks through what is going on with her “whacky thoughts” and how she is talking back to them (“I’m acting like the prophet” she says, for example).

    I almost can’t believe that the solution was as simple as this, but the proof is in her turnaround. I highly recommend this program for any child with anxiety. It is thoughtfully designed and really appeals to children – even my child who was on the older end of the age range and was initially dismissive came around to enjoying the story and getting a huge amount from it. Thank you so much for creating this resource. It really is different from everything else that I’ve come across and is relatively easy to implement even in a busy family life. My husband and I also appreciated the parent resources, which laid out the program and how it works and were very reassuring. Thank you again. This has really made a tremendous difference in my daughter’s life.

    Turnaround Anxiety
  • Impressed
    / 5 stars

    I am incredibly impressed with the level of child friendly content. My 11 year old daughter has been easily able to identify with some of the characters in the cast. This connection and the amazing content is helping her make sense of her anxiety, her obsessive thoughts and the need to do certain things to feel safe.

    We are taking it slow by listening and working on 1 day per week and this is a great pace for us, for her to reflect and integrate the programs learning and discoveries and practice her new skills. I love the wacky thoughts, yucky feelings, zany responses. I’ve not heard of anxiety being described in such a useful way before. I absolutely, without a doubt would recommend this program (and have) . So much work has gone into this program and as a parent I am extremely grateful to have come across turnaround and see the positive changes and understanding towards anxiety that my daughter is gaining. Thank you !!!!!!

    Turnaround Anxiety
  • Such a valuable set of skills
    / 5 stars

    Our 10 year old daughter loved the characters in the Turnaround program and could easily identify with them. One month after completing the program, she still retains the notions and tricks she was taught and applies them daily. We will listen to the program again in the months to come. To have these skills at such a young age is a valuable asset as she grows-up.

    Turnaround Anxiety
  • Such a great Resource
    / 5 stars

    IMG_7369Our 9 year old daughter Leiah is outgoing, adventurous and at the center of all the action. Around 7 months ago all that changed. She began to suffer from separation anxiety, dropped out of all organized activities, feared that she would get sick. She refused to go to school – every day was a battle. The day would start fine and then she would be hit with an avalanche of anxiety that would paralyze her. In tears and high emotions she would cling to us as though the world was coming to an end. She would say, “What is wrong with me? Why is this happening to me? I just want my life back?”

    We researched resources to aid us in our journey and came upon Turnaround. I was skeptical but decided to try (especially since there was a money back guarantee). The resources were great for us as parents and the material empowered our daughter to find her own healing through positive self-talk and gaining an understanding of what was going on in her life. She loved the stories. Falling asleep at night became easier as she listened to the relaxation techniques or listened to the “ocean”

    The concept of Chill and Crank were paramount in her overcoming her fears. Her school teacher and administration began to use those characters to help her in the journey at school.

    Now, 7 months later, she is herself again. She has re-engaged in activities and school is a joy. She laughs and plays as if she had never suffered from anxiety. Every once in a while when an anxiety is triggered, she can successfully overcome it as she now has a set of tools and positive self-talk that she uses to walk her through.

    Turnaround Anxiety